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Two options to choose from to become a full community Member with a monthly pass:
- $89+HST/month (12-month minimum)
- $109+HST/month (3-month minimum)

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Auto Renew Mat+Towel Service Contract

Feel like a VIP! We'll take care of your sweaty gear post practice. At the end of practice simply float off your mat and towel + leave them behind for us to clean.
For $25+HST/month (3-month minimum), you get unlimited mat, mat & shower towel service (1 of each per practice).


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Green Energy

Moksha's Green Tips videos are here to provide you with some helpful tips on how to keep our planet cleaner and safer. Each one features your favourite Moksha teachers at studios around the globe. Check them out!! One video a day keeps global warming away!

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We also love giving back through charitable work

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  850% Goal $2000
Moksha For Everyone!
02/18/2012 — 06/30/2015

The "Moksha For Everyone!" campaign helps raise funds to discount Moksha classes and offer free classes to those unable to subscribe.

$17,000850% Raised of $2,000 Goal