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Welcome to Moksha Yoga Etobicoke!
Welcome! Our mission is to create a safe, calming space in which to practice a yoga series that inspires, relaxes and energizes. Our studio is built and maintained with the highest respect towards the environment and we are committed to supporting and being part of our community. Our certified instructors guide with passion and knowledge and believe in learning for life.
Moksha Yoga is an intense physical flow of postures that is done in a heated room, usually between 35 and 40 degrees Celsius + humidity. The heat provides several benefits including deep, safe stretching and detoxification as the body sweats. The Moksha hot yoga series integrates numerous hatha postures in such a way that makes your body feel relaxed and calm.

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If you practice 5-6 times a month, one of our Membership options is the best offer for you!!
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UNLIMITED monthly yoga with automatic renewal*
We charge your credit card $79* (Gold Membership) or $89* (Membership) once per month 
And it comes with perks: 15% off retail items and workshops at studio, 12 weeks (Gold Membership) or 3 weeks (Membership) of holds when you go on vacation PLUS discounts with other local businesses 

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*HST additional, we require 30 days written notice via email to for cancellation requests
Moskha Yoga Etobicoke Community Video
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Moksha/Modo Yoga Pillar #4 - Community Support
Since 2004, the Moksha and Modo Yoga community has thrived on 7 philosophical pillars, each one rooted in the traditional teachings of yoga to ensure that everything we do as a community comes from an ethically awesome, yoga foundation. Our fourth pillar is Community Support – We amplify our own potential by supporting each other. #CommunitySupport #MokshaYoga #ModoYoga
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