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Catherine (Cathy) Braund-Pereira

Cathy has been an avid Moksha practitioner since 2007, when she first discovered the amazing physical and spiritual benefits of a regular practice.  Embracing the “moving meditation” of Moksha Yoga changed her life for the better, helping her to deal with day-to-day challenges and cultivate a wonderfully positive outlook on love, life, career, and relationships.  In each one of her classes, Cathy strives to teach her students that a regular practice of yoga can transform any practitioner, helping them to bring peace and calm off the mat and out into the world with them.  She believes wholeheartedly that Moksha Yoga can “bring about world peace, one sweaty mat at a time”!

She is also a professional performing artist, working regularly in theatre, film, television, musical theatre, commercials and voice-over.  She has had the joy of performing onstage at the Shaw Festival (Niagara-on-the-Lake), the Tarragon Theatre, the Factory Theatre,  the Lower Ossington Theatre, and many others across the country.  You may have seen her in a number of productions on the CBC, as well as in several national commercial spots.

Cathy is committed to sharing her passion for life as she continues to learn, grow and develop.  She is eternally grateful to be on this path, and to have the beautiful gift of sharing her love of yoga and its innumerable benefits with her community.