Kevin Braund

I came into a regular yoga practice several years ago. What began as a complement to a workout regime quickly became an important staple in my personal health care. It helps me shed both physical and energetic toxins.

Moksha Yoga has helped expand my skills as a reiki and energy healing practitioner. The emphasis on the yin part of the equation has transferred over to other areas of life. It has made me a better father, husband and teacher. Moksha is grounded in a very mechanically sound approach. Through knowledge of the body’s systems you are free to reach for your highest physical potential possible. This makes my yang part very happy as well.

Gratitude, peace and healing energy; these are foundations of my yoga practice. It is with these loving principles that I approach both teaching and personal practice. Spread love, spread peace, one breath (or song, or dance, or rap) at a time… See you on your mat! 🙂